My trip to Albania!

A poem I wrote during the loooong bustrip between Macedonia and Albania

As you know from reading “about me” I love to travel! Summer 2010 me and my husband decided to travel around in Macedonia and, as it was close, to Albania for 2 weeks… Macedonia and Albania, you might ask? I have lived in Berlin, the former Eastberlin, Fredrishhain and Prenzlauerberg, and since then I like to explore the former east…

I have never been in Albania before and becuse it was so close, or so we thought :-), we were curious to see what the country looks and feels like… so we traveled to Tirana and Dürres. As I like to travel and see the landscape to my destination we took a bus, owned by a  private Swedish/Macedonian company, from Malmö… So by bus and boat we traveled through europe to Macedonia and Albania…

You can see and be at our journey,  here and under the Macedonia page. For more travel pictures and poems regarding this trip also visit  e-books- Ho(s)tels with my Valentine, Enjoy! /Love Petra

Leaving Skopje for Albania…

Tirana is a modern, small  city…

Dürres is a beach resort and they try to be modern but… Anyway it was nice hotel, lovely sea food and sun for a few days… And some fun memories with power cuts, funny staring people and long walks for ATM…


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