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What´s up 2016?- A little exhibition- A new growing photo project

22 Jan

My growing photo project- Leaves at night

I had the opportunity to exhibit my growing photo project, Leaves at night, during the monthly poem reading, Poets Live,  at the lovely bookshop Berkley Books of Paris on 15 december  2015.

As the photos are shot in “my garden” created by a so called nome, living  in my building and the space is full of lovely books, I recreated the washing line I have by my side during the photo shoting…

As spring is soon on its way, hard to belive in cold Malmö with snow though, and the green begins, the photo project will grow and… Stay tuned!/Love Petra Palm

Burkley Books

pink rose on the run

Brown lief leaves


leaves breaking through

flourish in yellow

Green leaves

Leaves in a kaskad av pink