About me-Petra Palm!


My name is Petra Palm, a.k.a Social PhotographerSocial Photographer logga, living in Malmö, Sweden (at least at the moment), and I will  show you my samples of photos, some used in exhibitions, some shot just for fun, some published and some used by others for different purposes…  You´ll find my photos in the right column under Me and My Photocollection…

If you would like you can purchase them…Sometimes I will also show you bits of my life, in english and swedish, with connection to my photos.

I photo things. since 2009 when my niece was born, that mean something and relate to this world… serious  and  not… Then my husband, Lars Palm, relate his poems to some of them…. And so do I…

I like creativity, travelling and people who spread LOVE into this world… By clicking on my links you will find love, me and information…

Hope to see you here, at my exhibitions and that you like it to spread the word and purchase, Enjoy!/ Tjao and love Petra!

My photos ae for sale if You like- with or without poem and text after your request!

To purchase my photos:

Contact me at:  Social.PhotographerATgmailDOTcom




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